Guidelines for IGS Technical Report 2018

The Astronomical Institute at the University of Bern (AIUB), hosting the Center for Orbit Determination in Europe (CODE), has compiled the annual IGS Technical Report every year since its publication was resumed in 2011. The previous four IGS Technical Reports are available online at the following links. We appreciate your valuable contributions to the reports.

IGS Technical Report 2018
IGS Technical Report 2017
IGS Technical Report 2016
IGS Technical Report 2015
IGS Technical Report 2014
IGS Technical Report 2013
IGS Technical Report 2012
IGS Technical Report 2011

We are planning to publish the IGS Technical Report for the year 2018 in early 2019. Each component of IGS listed in the table below is expected to submit a contribution for the report. Please follow the guidelines on how to prepare a contribution for the IGS Technical Report 2018.

Please note that

We appreciate your valuable contributions to the IGS Technical Report 2018 in advance.

Expected contributions to the IGS Technical Report 2018

Introduction, IGS Generalrequiredreceived
Governing Board yes 27−Mar−2019
Central Bureau yes 09−Feb−2019
Additional executive groups-
Analysis Centersrequiredreceived
Analysis Center Coordinator yes 29−Mar−2019
Center for Orbit Determination in Europe yes 30−Jan−2019
Natural Resources Canada yes 31−Jan−2019
European Space Operations Center yes -
GeoForschungsZentrum yes 31−Jan−2019
Geodetic Observatory Pecny yes -
Groupe de Recherche de Géodésie Spatiale yes 14−Mar−2018
Informational Analytical Center no -
Jet Propulsion Laboratory yes 4−Apr−2019
Massachusetts Institute of Technology yes -
National Geodetic Survey yes 19−Mar−2018
Scripps Institution of Oceanography yes -
U.S. Naval Observatory yes 4−Apr−2019
Wuhan University yes 29−Jan−2019
Associated/Additional analysis center no
Data Centersrequiredreceived
Infrastructure Committee yes 11−Mar−2019
Crustal Dynamics Data Information System yes 21−Mar−2019
European Space Agency / ESAC yes -
Institut Géographique National yes -
Korean Astronomy and Space Science Institute yes -
Scripps Institution of Oceanography yes -
Wuhan University yes 29−Jan−2019
Additional data center no
Regional Data Center BKG no 31−Jan−2019
Working Groups, Pilot Projectsrequiredreceived
Antenna yes 31−Jan−2019
Bias and Calibration yes 04−Feb−2019
Clock Products yes -
Data Center yes -
GNSS Monitoring yes -
Ionosphere yes 22−Mar−2019
Multi-GNSS yes 25−Jan−2019
Orbit Dynamics and Space Vehicle Attitude yes -
Reference Frame yes -
Real-Time yes 26−Feb−2019
RINEX yes 05−Feb−2019
Tide Gauge Benchmark Monitoring yes 29−Jan−2019
Troposphere yes 4−Apr−2019
Additional working group/pilot projectno
Other Contributionsrequiredreceived
Other contributions are welcome no